Used globally and packing the latest technology powerhouse of any six-digit, price-tagged electronic incident reporting, intelligence collection, and investigation assignment system; we will get your organization in front of a computer with all these sophisticated technology applications for a fraction of the cost.

Why pay so much more when you can afford eSolve far more easily. Eliminate the logistical hassle of acquiring a big purchase. Won’t conflict with your capital budget expenditure policies. eSolve can be implemented in weeks, instead of months or years.

Our Cloud or Local Installation options are all you need.

eSolve Express

Organizations seeking the best investigation management software can now implement eSolve rapidly through the eSolve Express solution. This system offers a combination of remote hosted and supplied hardware and network configuration, plus the latest eSolve software. Bundled together in a single offering, the logistical and bureaucratic barriers are eliminated. eSolve guarantees our clients to be up running and operational with eSolve in seven (7) days. Call us now to schedule Stage One of the Express.

Secure a Place and Time

You select a team, unit, or department who will become the champions and pilot project for eSolve within your organization. You block off a week (Monday to Friday) where the managers and decision makers of this group are available and not distracted, so they can commit to the eSolve configuration and implementation steps. You leave all of the technical infrastructure preparation to us.

Your Time Commitment
Intermittently over two days.

Needs Analysis

We have a conference call and/or webinar with select individuals from your team and discuss why you would like to move to eSolve and specifically your vision and goals as to how eSolve could be integrated into your incident, investigation, or intelligence operations.

Your Time Commitment
1 hour on a Monday

Database Setup

We secure a slice of a private network and administer a hosted eSolve database restricted to your organization. We install and configure all of the server-side hardware and software for the operational access of eSolve for your organization. We provide you with a secure access portal and web address for immediate use on a sample database.

Your Time Commitment
0 hours; we labor for 8 hours on a Monday

DVD Self Instruction

We provide you with an eSolve DVD Training Set that can be viewed in a group or individually at your own speed. Consecutively, the training would consume six hours. However, you can divide the training into two or three partitions. You choose the number of students.

Your Time Commitment
6 hours between Tuesday and Wednesday

Training Review

We have a webinar with those who completed the DVD series for a Q&A on any learning objectives and/or training clarification.

Your Time Commitment
1 hour on a Wednesday


We have another conference call and discuss the categories, sub-categories, types, and other nuances of terminology specific to the design of your eSolve system. We begin to design an electronic work flow specific to your operational requirements. We begin to alert you to data entry best practices and business rules. We provide you with a secure access portal and web address for immediate use on an operational database.

Your Time Commitment
2 hours on a Thursday; we labor for 3 hours

Live Activation

You begin using eSolve as part of your everyday operations. You interact with us from time to time to ensure that all of the technical infrastructure and application changes are working to optimization. You continue to document and evaluate the electronic work flow and data entry best practices. You encourage your staff to review sections of the DVD training or provide training to new resources – 60 minutes every 60 days.

Your Time Commitment
Friday and beyond

Cloud Hosting

starting at$30/user*

The Cloud Installation Option is perhaps the most efficient and cost effective method of deploying eSolve.

Cloud Hosted Solution | No IT Overhead | Immediate Implementation | No Capital Expenditure

  • eSolve Hosting Setup
  • 4 hours (remote) Implementation Consulting
  • eSolve Hosting for Unlimited Users
  • 3 hours (remote) Configuration Service
  • eSolve DVD Training Series
  • 1 hour/month (remote) Ongoing Support
  • Digital Training Manuals for Each User
  • *Subject to a Minimum Amount of Users

Local Installation

starting at$35,000

Recognizing that some work environments require that their applications reside on their own computer servers, eSolve can be easily scaled out on a local secure network.

Enterprise Server License | Work Flow Consulting | Full Onsite User & Administrator Training

  • eSolve Single-Server License (Up to 200 Users)
  • Digital Training Manuals (for class of up to 12)
  • 2 hours (remote) Technical Deployment Support
  • Access to Hosted Environment for Training
  • Onsite eSolve Training (incl. 3 days training + 2 days consulting)

What makes you and ideal candidate for eSolve?

1. If you are a member of the NSA, ASIS, IACP, CACP, HTCA, ISSS, IAPA, ISO or
2. If you are a small, medium, or large, and dedicated enforcement, safety / security agency, or
3. If you are connected to the protection industry, or
4. If you strive for excellence with your Safety & Security Stewardship best practices, or
5. All of the above…

…you now owe it to yourself and your agency to learn more about eSolve!