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Why pay so much more?

Used globally and packing the latest technology powerhouse of any six-digit, price-tagged electronic incident reporting, intelligence collection, and investigation assignment system; we will get your organization in front of a computer with all these sophisticated technology applications for a fraction of the cost

May, 2016|
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eSolve & IT Security

Ensuring that you reasonably protect your IT environment from unwanted intrusion, attacks, and data destruction or theft, is no longer merely a preference, it is the law! Organizations are required by the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and Privacy Commissioner of Canada to secure your networks by employing industry standard IT security measures.

May, 2016|

eSolve Represented at the All India Criminology Conference

eSolve is providing support to the 31st All India Criminology Conference and National Law Institute University. Hundreds of conference delegates are being provided with either a full version eSolve CD or a coupon valued at $2500 (USD) which permits the card holder to download the software free of charge. The Conference will have the participation

May, 2016|

eSolve Establishes Alliance with America The Alpha Group

The Alpha Group Center for Crime Analysis and Intelligence Training is providing their expertise and services to help distribute eSolve. The Alpha Group train hundreds of students per year in a variety of subject matter expertise. Courses include; Crime Analysis, Dynamic Leadership, Intelligence Analysis, Investigative Analysis, Advanced Investigative, Research Methods, Statement Analysis, and Terrorism Analysis.

May, 2016|