In January 2016 the Dolby Laboratories Global Investigation team will mark their fourth year of full time electronic case management using eSolve® across the world. Their IP Protection Unit of over 40 personnel have entered and investigated 1000’s of cases in dozens of international locations. Communications between Dolby investigators around the world is streamlined by eSolve®. Primarily used to track all aspects of investigation, Dolby Laboratories also uses eSolve® for due diligence enquiries and audits on new and existing intellectual property licensees’.


Dating back as far as 2010, eSolve® was first introduced to Dolby as an intelligence and project management database. A number of customization projects and enhancements were incorporated into eSolve® in order to optimize its applicability to the brand and intellectual property protection realm. Since then, the benefits of eSolve® have been widely acknowledged resulting in hundreds of cases being closed and the recovery of six figure financial settlements in favor of Dolby.

Described by the Director of Global Investigations, eSolve® is “simplistic and easy to use”. This translates the ability to easily train plus rapidly scale the case management software to any location and to all user groups. The eRecords document and media records management portion of eSolve® is a great success and acts a global centralized repository for electronic documents, photographs, video or audio files.