Company Vision

“To Further the Cause of Justice Worldwide” by providing intellectual and electronic investigation management solutions to any law enforcement, safety department, intelligence operation, government, commercial enterprise, or corporate security professional in the world. The mission of Trinus Technologies is to make eSolve universally accessible by making eSolve:


Cost Effective *


Easy to Use


Easy to Deploy

We are committed to improving the “inventory” of investigation management tools desperately needed by all investigation, intelligence, and security experts worldwide. We will deliver superior investigation management design, training, support, and computer software innovation.

* Trinus Technologies Inc. recognizes that software is expensive. Therefore, we will seek out methods of development, production and international distribution which help to eliminate any barrier to electronic investigation management deployment.

Are you at RISSK?

  • Do you currently use an information storage system that is archaic?
  • Can you easily retrieve the data subject to relevance, context and priority?
  • Do you know what it is, where it is, who collected it, and how many people have access?
  • Can you instantly convert your data into a report on anything and everything?
  • Are your statistical analysis and performance measures integrated graphically?

Responsible International Safety / Security Knowledge (RISSK) is the application of mainstream industry standards during incident response, intelligence collection, and investigation management. eSolve® ensures compliance with international best practices.

As an organization tasked with collecting, collating, analyzing, evaluating, and disseminating intelligence – you are accountable for the relevance of this information. Our experts have discovered that many agencies are overwhelmed with the amount of data being stored. Simply converting information into an electronic warehouse does not equal effective management of the context and value of these records. Being able to instantly retrieve data and differentiate it between the important and not, is critical. In addition, the classification and protection of this information against unwanted access or disclosure is part of your overarching legislated responsibility.

Electronic records management, or e-Management, is mandatory based on today’s expectations of advanced incident, investigation, intelligence, and case management methodologies. A Supreme Court Justice once said, “It is not the accused who stands trial, but the investigation”. Such best practices include not only what we discover but how we record and report the results.

Safety and Security Stewardship is the actualization of RISSK. Implementing a modern global computer software program such as eSolve, designed to mitigate all of these challenges, is your first step. However, stewardship moves beyond the normal into an irregular achievement. We are not satisfied with lukewarm. We will help you to not only become good shepherds, but best stewards. We will operationalize your RISSK!


In Canadian Law Enforcement history, Major Case Management (MCM) best practices were birthed on a National scale in the late 1990’s as a result of the recommendations from the Campbell Commission. The Honourable Mr. Justice Archie G. Campbell examined the investigation practices of numerous agencies involving Paul Berarndo and Karla Homolka for the suspected serial sexual assaults and murders of several women. Justice Campbell identified several systemic failures resulting in twenty-seven recommendations, including the adoption of a “…single uniform computerized case management system…”.

As a result, all law enforcement agencies across Canada embarked on a mission to standardize case management protocols including the identification and development of a preferred electronic case management program. The technical development for MCM standards was mirrored internationally by many policing and security organizations.

The blueprints for eSolve began to materialize in the minds of its creators during this time of critical change for policing and investigations. In 2006 the development of eSolve began with the vision to create a tool which was both affordable and accessible to any investigator in the world. The working team included subject matter experts who were at the heart of this MCM revolution. Web based applications or cloud computing was considered cutting edge technology. Nevertheless, Trinus Technologies were committed to creating a solution way ahead of its time.

From 2008 through 2010 eSolve was released to the international law enforcement and corporate security market. The vision to “further the cause of justice worldwide” resulted in the first version of eSolve being license free to any law enforcement agency. Thousands of licenses for the software program were distributed around the world.

Today eSolve has grown to become a refined and advanced electronic major case management computer application. Yet still very affordable and universally accessible. eSolve has touched the work place of hundreds of investigators and managers around the world by optimizing their incident, intelligence, and investigation modernization strategies. Share our rich history… eVolve with eSolve!