Experience incident
recording when it happens.

We provide simplistic online forms with easy to use drop down menus for fast and reliable incident reporting.

Convert information into
actionable intelligence.

We have integrated linkage capability from virtually any entity to another offering an unlimited number of relational data sourcing and reliability scoring.

Discover real electronic
investigation management!

We make intelligence collection, incident reporting, and investigation management non-complicated, the way it was intended when the advantages of computer technology were first envisioned.

Provide quality focused
public safety.

We increase your confidence in the level of professionalism offered to those you are tasked to protect by enabling you to record investigations with accuracy.

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Properly documenting
investigations is imperative.
We make it right.

Finding the exact fit for your needs as an investigations or incident management individual is our ultimate goal. Our solution is purposely priced low, accessible by practically any computer device, plus quick and simple to learn.


Pressed for time?
Use eSolve Express!


eSolve Express can be
implemented within as
little as seven days.

eSolve Software



Why pay so much more? Providing sophisticated technology solutions can be accomplished at a reasonable cost. Priced perfectly for small and medium agencies. Eliminate the hassle of acquiring a large capital expenditure.



Why replace existing computers? If you can get access to a network or internet connection and have a web browser on your computer, you are as advanced as you need to be. Designed for the least amount of computing effort. Dismiss the need for costly upgrades.



Why take forever to implement? Buying a database solution that takes a few hours instead of months to learn is an example of where the process aligns with progress. A breeze to use. Remove the frustration of learning technology you will never understand.

Case Studies

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May 11, 2016

Samtam South African Insurance Group

In 2015, one of the largest personal, commercial, and agricultural insurance groups of South Africa adopted eSolve® for the complete case management, evaluation and investigation of claims.

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May 11, 2016

Dolby Laboratories

In January 2016 the Dolby Laboratories Global Investigation team will mark their fourth year of full time electronic case management using eSolve® across the world.

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April 21, 2016

Irish Allied Banks

With over 700 employees across 21 locations, eSolve® is used at the branch level to record and transmit suspicious banking activities to their internal while collar crime experts.

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